Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pictures are working!!

OK, we've got few new pics of the little man up now. The first one is of Brodee's face when he's being burped. Second pic is of me imitating Brodee's burp face. The third pic is of Daddy and Brodee...check him out, he's throwin' his first peace sign. And finally the 4th pic is of Brodee in the "billiblanket"...he glows in the dark! Have fun...more updates to come soon.

2 week update...Almost

OK campers, our little Brodee Boy is knocking down the 2 week door and doing very well! The Jaundice...gone. The weight...coming back (he lost a lot). Adjustment...happening, with force. Man can that kid produce some diaper funk! BUT, I want it known that I have willingly changed poopy diapers...without vomiting. The only thing we have to watch is his weight gain, Brodee's still not back to his birth weight but he's starting to gain really well now. So keep his weight gain in your prayers, please.

The blogger is not letting me upload pictures right now, so come back soon for the new ones.

p.s. I've now update more than Cody Batten has...can somebody tell that guy to let us know how his kid is???

Friday, October 12, 2007

Prayers are Welcomed

This is my son, his name is Brodee Kade...He has/is Jaundiced. His Billirubin count is 17, out of 30. The doctors ordered a "billilite" blanket for him today that he has to be in for 24 hours/day until our doctor appointment on Monday. I'm asking you to pray, FERVENTLY, for my son...and for his mom and dad. Neena and I are trying so hard to remain strong and saine...but it just seems like one thing after another. We've cried a lot today and prayed even more and we're asking for the blogging/friend communities help in petitioning God to make our son's Jaundice go away...FOREVER!

So, please often as you can for little Bordee Boy and his Jaundice. He's also trying to get adjusted to being outside the womb, i.e. his bowel movements and losing make sure God knows that we care about Brodee and want him to be well. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Announcing: Brodee Kade

He's here! He's here!!

At 10:51 am MST on October 7, 2007 Brodee Kade made his intrance into the world, weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 20.5 inches long...and stole our hearts. We're home now and he's still doing fine. He has a little bit of Jaundice, and was circumsized today so he's out of it...and Mommy and Daddy are exhausted but doing well. Enjoy the pictures of our little Bordee boy!!

We're In! (3:00 am on Sunday 10/7/07)

At 9:36 pm MST Neena was called in to the hospital. We had just, and I mean JUST, returned from dinner with the in-laws…so we threw the bags in the car, prayed, and off we went. The drive down 17 and over the 101 wasn’t too bad, then we checked in, got Neena plugged in and we were off.

Immediately Neena began to shake, lost all her color, almost fainted…but the got her stabilized with some O2, gave her a shot of Visaril (sp?), then they broke her water.

For the last hour she’s been have contractions at about 5 minutes apart…she’s also sleepy from the shot, so every 5 min she wakes up in pain…poor lady! The started her on an extremely slow drip of Pitocin to “trick” her body into labor. Right now she’s progressing well, and steady. Brodee’s looking good…Neena’s ready for him to be out!

Pray, Pray, Pray!!!