Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Day!

OK, so this morning we had our OB/GYN appointment with our actual doctor, Dr. Laughead (Isn't that the funniest name?), it looks like laugh-head, but its said: La-head...weirdness, I know! Anyways, today we went in at 9:00 am to HEAR the heart beat on the Doppler machine, sorry no new sonogram pics. It took a couple of seconds but she found the heart beat!!!! Neena and I were so relieved to hear the heart beating well and the doc said that everything sounded perfectly fine and normal.

We are scheduling another appointment sometime next week for the kiddo, I can't remember what the name of test is, but they're testing it for Downs-Syndrome, Then on April 30th we get our next pic of the kiddo and on May 14th we will hopefully find out if were having a Jaycee or a Brodee!

So thank God for a good baby visit this morning! Continue praying for Neena's blood test results. Thank you to all who have been praying...they're definitely being answered.


Question: I know that there are all these old/ancient wives tales that talk about the heart rate and determining if its a boy or girl. I really don't believe in these things but just for fun, our baby's heart rate this morning was 148 bpm. I've heard that if its ABOVE 160 it's a girl, and BELOW 160 is a boy. Is that right? What do you think?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Home Again!

We're finally home!!!!!! Neena was discharged this afternoon at 6:00 pm. Diagnosis? Possible TIA which is sort of like a mini-stroke, she also may have thickened blood due to her pregnancy which created a small clot somewhere during our long bus ride (12 hours) on our recent Church ski trip. We have a follow-up visit with a Hematologist next week to go over all of her blood test results (18 total). We also have to go in to the Neurologist for an EEG which tests Neena's brain activity. All of these are precautionary test to further rule everything out. In short...Neena had a freak episode of some numbness which was most-likely caused by her pregnancy.

Neena is doing great and has been since we were in the ER. She's glad she's home and I'm glad she's well and at home. We'll have a OB/GYN visit possibly later in the week to check on the baby.

We're still asking for prayers that Neena's blood is not thickened, which would result in her having to take a shot once a week until the baby is born. We also ask for prayers on the health of our baby. We had to make a VERY difficult decision to have a CT scan of Neena's head...the Dr. said that the scan might possibly harm the baby. After speaking with the Baby doc and the ER doc we decided to have the scan. So pray that our baby wasn't affected!!!

More updates soon...for now, rest, in my own bed!

Update & Confession

Well, we had to stay in the hospital again last night...UGH! They wanted to run a sonogram on Neena's legs and heart. About 5 minutes ago we finished those tests and we are now waiting on the Cardiologist to "read" them and tell us the results. We did get a preliminary result from the techs and they said that everything looked "great, " "normal," and that Neena had a "very photogenic heart."

Neena is still doing well and is somewhat frustrated because she feels fine and is ready to be home. We did have to miss our OB/GYN appointment this morning because John C. Lincoln takes the sweet time on everything! Hopefully the results will come soon as will an update.


I do have a confession to make. Usually I'm the one in the hospital bed and Neena is patiently waiting on me. I however am not patient...AT ALL! I do have a reason for that; although, I don't think its a very reasonable reason. You see, Neena is my pregnant girl and to admit her into the hospital means something pretty serious could be happening, and to take two-and-a-half days to run a 5 tests is moving way...WAY too slow!! These people are NOT working their hardest and don't seem too concerned about it...and that's my wife there in the bed with a big "UNKNOWN" as her diagnosis. Get off your rear and get to work...or some heads are gunna role!!!

So the confession is, I have not been nice to really anyone, especially the specialists. So if they had to answer the question, "has Jesus risen from the dead? Is there a gospel revolution taking place started by Jesus with His mission of Love God and love your neighbor?" If they had to answer those questions based on what they saw from me...I'm afraid their answer would be no. OUCH. I've always been an impatient person, especially when it deals with people I love. If you asked me to do something, I'd work my hardest, fastest, and do my very best. Maybe it's foolish of me to expect that out of others, but I do.

I love Neena very much and there's nothing I want more than for her and the baby to be OK, treated well, and be at home!

More updates soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NEEDED: Many Prayers

Blogger Nation, please pray for my babies! My wife began feeling some numbness on her right side on Monday night at 7 pm. It lasted for about 10 minutes and then went away. We were advised to go to the ER, "Just in case"...especially since she is 12 weeks pregnant. So we went and she was admitted under observation and for testing to make sure she isn't clotting or had a "mini-Stroke".

We had several tests today: CT scan, 2 blood tests, urine tests, heart monitoring, a visit from a neurologist and a cardiologist. First thing tomorrow morning she has an echo cardiogram.

We asking for specific prayers that the echo goes well and the see what they need to see, otherwise they have to send a scope down her food pipe WITHOUT sedation...b/c she's pregnant.

Neena is doing VERY well. She ready to go back home, but we're both trying to be patient enough to allow them to thoroughly check everything out. We're also supposed to have a OB/GYN visit tomorrow to hear the baby's heartbeat, so pray that we're out soon enough to make that visit as well.

Thank you! I will update as soon as we know something new. For sooner updates you may contact me (Josh) on my cell phone...if you know it. Otherwise you'll just have to wait.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Be The Change

I don't know what you know about modern day, not much, I know that it still exists and I am angered at that. But meet a 15 year old young man...that's right, a ninth grader who has written his own book, started an organization called, "loose change 2 loosen chains," and is a procalimed modern-day abolishionist. The story was aired on GMA this Zach Hunter.

It's Alive!!!!

Neena's belly is growing...for all the right reasons. We are finally at the end of the first tri-mester and have two to go. Neena is feeling much better lately, still a little tired, but not as bad anymore. In two weeks we head back to the doc for our third appointment...this time we get to HEAR the heartbeat of our baby!

The pic on the left is of Neena in one of her new Maternity shirts and as you can see, there is a "baby bump" and that is a technical term in case you were wondering.

It seems like each day it gets a little bit more developed, which is the coolest thing, for now...for me anyways. I have been able to hear the heartbeat, which makes Neena jealous. Both Neena and the baby seem to be doing very well and we're ALL excited and can't wait.