Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 week update...Almost

OK campers, our little Brodee Boy is knocking down the 2 week door and doing very well! The Jaundice...gone. The weight...coming back (he lost a lot). Adjustment...happening, with force. Man can that kid produce some diaper funk! BUT, I want it known that I have willingly changed poopy diapers...without vomiting. The only thing we have to watch is his weight gain, Brodee's still not back to his birth weight but he's starting to gain really well now. So keep his weight gain in your prayers, please.

The blogger is not letting me upload pictures right now, so come back soon for the new ones.

p.s. I've now update more than Cody Batten has...can somebody tell that guy to let us know how his kid is???


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