Saturday, January 19, 2008

Explanation of Pictures

Ok sports fans, I have 18 pictures in my post from yesterday and no explanation of any of that's why I'm writing explain.

1. Picture of the family in our living room on our way to church.
2. Front of the new house.
3. Entry way of new house.
4. First fire in the new fire place.
5. Daddy rocking Brodee for bed time.
6. Picture of Brodee's room from door.
7. Rocking Chair and book cases.
8. D'Border in D'boy's room.
9. Bed in guest's a queen!
10. Dresser and artwork in guest room.
11. Not really an entry-way table...but kinda. Confused? me too!!
12. Dinning room. Don't worry, vertical blinds and lighting will change soon!
13. Kitchen...which now has a Tornado Fooseball table in it! Jealous?
14. My handy-work. This is the new Moen kitchen faucet that I installed, and it works
15. Master Bed
16. Master Bath...I know, the wallpaper is crazy and already being taken down!
17. Another pic of Brodee's room: Changing table.
18. Brodee and Dad playing XBOX.

Well there ya go. Have fun!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Long Time No See!

So I was repremanded by one of my AZ friends about not posting in a while and not including pictures! Well, Trey, here ya go: