Friday, May 30, 2008

Where have the time went?

You'll have to excuse the poor grammar in the post's an inside joke about an old minister at my church.

So where have the time went? It's been by far the longest time between posts, over a month-and-a-half, and it may very well be the end of August by the next time I post again! Over the last month or so I've been to a college graduation, charity golf tourney (came in 6th out of 20), Been certified for pre-marital counseling, graduated/honored 26 high school seniors at church, welcomed 4 new interns, an intern retreat, and that's on top of my typical 50 hour work week. I'm also about to enter the busy season for the life of youth ministers (summer time) and it will be the busiest season for me by far...with tons of travel (2 weeks in Abilene, Marble Falls, Colorado, and New Orleans)! I am looking forward to this summer for many reasons but one is to simply get through it.

Brodee Boy is getting H-U-G-E!! He's just shy of 8 months and is crawling all over the place, sitting up on his own, has 2 teeth in and working on 3 more from what we can see. He standing, with help, and starting to take steps. He's also laughing...ALL THE TIME, and beginning to "talk"...lots of "da", "ba", and "ma"

Since it's been so long and will be even longer (most likely) by the time I post again, I'll shut up and get to the new pictures of the Brodster.

Brodee loves eating...and his high chair too!

Two weeks ago we had a funnel cloud form over our house...this was the wall cloud.

Sitting up on his own.

Crawling...he loves hitting and kicking the china cabinet

Crawling some more!

Squeaky clean.

Taken today...he loves to swing...check out those chompers!

Swinging with daddy

Swinging with mommy

After chasing the ducks into our lake.