Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's Taking Over

So I'm still so very tired, but we're having way too much fun! We've had some family in town this past week which was all about Brodee. Neena had baby shower on Monday I had a sports day. I went and played golf at Troon North Monument. Let me just say that the Monument course is the best course I've ever played on. If you have $75 lying around, go play the's totally worth every penny! After golf we cleaned up and headed downtown to watch the D-Backs take on the Marlins. The game went back and fourth and finally the D-Backs pulled out 4-3 win over the fish-heads.

Neena enjoyed her shower very much and apparently cleaned house. She came back with more than a car-load of goodies. We also had our crib delivered this week, so I've spent the last couple of nights putting cribs, strollers, etc. together. It's been a lot of fun and Brodee is now officially taking over our house. We used to not use about half of our house and now Brodee's stuff is now overflowing out of his nursery and bathroom. This already spoiled!

Here's a few pics:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lazy Days of Summer

I used to love that phrase, "The lazy days of summer," but evidently that person was not a youth minister or ever spent any time near a youth group. That, or they did and were smart enough to run for the hills and simply soak up the summer days in peace and seclusion.

I am exhausted! I have not been home all of July and it's only half way through and I'm going to be RUNNING for the rest of it. I was in San Diego for the first 4 days at a wedding, made a quick trip to Texas, then out to camp, so I was gone for another 8 days. Now I have 14 days left in July and will have 10 days of youth/church events to keep me more than busy. On top of that, family is coming to town for our baby shower at church. I just looked at August, up until school starts, and we'll be basically running until then too, without a chance to just stop. THEN, once school gets here we'll be only 8 weeks away from the estimated Birthday of Sir Brodee Kade!

I've done this to myself haven't I...and I'm probably getting no sympathy from you all either. Half of you that read this blog are parents, and the other half are Youth Ministry friends. So, sorry for wasting the little and precious time that you you know that I, too, am exhausted. When do these kiddos go back to school, so I can catch my breath?

Just so you know...this has been an AMAZING summer, so the exhaustion is WELL worth it. I have been a part of several baptisms this summer, heard stories that have literally left me speechless (on both good and bad ends). All that to say, Teens are searching, asking, praying, committing, being, and really doing a great job of figuring out their relationship with God and how that will play out in their daily lives. It's been a FANTASTIC summer...I just hope I have the energy for the rest of it. Only God knows what awaits us...I can't wait to see it. Is there any way to we did before Christmas?

Until next time.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Weddings Are F-U-N!

This is Billy and Ashley Burnett. They were married on June 30th on Coronado Beach (San Diego, CA) at sunset...B-E-A-UTIFUL wedding! We also had a great weekend of vacation in San Diego, so thanks Burnetts!

After the wedding we spent the day a Sea World and then the next day we messed around down town and toured the aircraft carrier that's done a lot of stuff! Here's a few pics of the weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

2nd Best far.

So today has been a GREAT day! For those of you who don't know, Neena had a T.I.A.-LIKE event back in March. After much blood testing it was determined that Neena had a genetic blood disorder called a "Protein-S Defeciency." You've probably heard of the drug Cumidin, a blood thinning drug. Well, because Neena is pregnant she had to take a therapeutic dose of a weaker blood thinner called, "LOVENOX." This came in the form of a 40mg shot that was to be taken each night. It's a painful shot, with an added burn. This was not good news for us because Neena doesn't like shots and it changed how we were to short, Neena was a possible high risk pregnancy with a risk of bleeding too much.

We were sent to a Parinatologist for a consultation to see if Neena was indeed going to be a high risk at delivery. The doc reviewed all of Neena's blood test results and asked several questions. After our visit she wanted to take a closer look because during pregnancy EVERYONE has a slight protein-s defeciency. we got a call from the parinatologist and she stated that Neena does NOT have a genetic blood disorder and therefore does NOT have to take the shots anymore. She is deemed a low risk and perfectly normal!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

We also went to our normal OB/GYN today and Brodee is getting bigger and stronger. His little heart rate is perfect and Neena is tracking and gaining perfectly not a pound to small or big. SO ALL IS WELL!!! And to all who have been praying....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!

I, however, have a sinus infection...yuck. So I'm off to sleep and try and get better. Thanks again! And in case you're wondering about the title, the First best news was finding out that we were having a boy. There, now you may go and rest easy.